Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Against the background of economic development, depletion and degradation of forests is inevitable especially the lowland forests. Loss or fragmentation of forests means also destruction of habitats for precious biodiversity of many life forms. Clearing of forest for mining, in particular, results in a denuded land or a complete loss of biodiversity. The reduction of forestland and uncontrollable extraction of some plant species for timber and resins may lead to the extinction of certain species. These plant species are normally classified in conservation efforts as endemic, endangered and threatened species (EETS). The awakening call for conservation of these precious plant species has successfully placed them in species lists of tree planting programs in the Peninsular Malaysia organized by FRIM together with both public and private sectors.

The Regional Seminar on “
Reclamation, Rehabilitation and Restoration of Disturbed Sites: Planting of National and IUCN Red List Tree Species” is therefore proposed with the objectives to i) increase knowledge of participants from the ASEAN region on practices in conservation of endemic, endangered and threatened plant species, ii) share knowledge and experiences in relation to conservation efforts throughout the ASEAN region, and iii) promote collaboration and better networking across Southeast Asia on plant conservation.

This Seminar is one of the many activities under the
AFoCo Regional Project entitled "Domestication of Endangered, Endemic and Threatened Plant Species in Disturbed Terrestrial Ecosystem in Malaysia and Thailand". The project is being carried out according to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which was signed among Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Royal Forest Department (RFD), Thailand and Korea Forest Service (KFS) on 18 May 2016.

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